Bid Writing Consultants

What do Bid Writing Consultants do?

Tender Writing Consultants are experts are not only writing great Tender Documents but are extremely good at assessing a company or organisation’s current Bid Writing processes at recommended new ways of getting the job done!

Highly lucrative new contracts which require a formal Tender Document to be submitted for them must be bidded for using a standardised system. There is actually no point at all in producing and submitting a Bid Document if all of the prerequisite boxes are not ticked, so to speak. Many companies and organisations these days have at least a robust and repeatable Bid Writing process in place with entails one or more inhouse Bid Writers. If not, the remainder of these companies either use external Tender Writing Consultants to help them produce and submit winning Tender Documents or else they fail to get the results that they really want. So from this statement, it is quite obvious that I believe that a professional Tender Writing Consultant will, more than likely, be able to win a company or organisation lots more Tenders than if that particular company or organisation was to attempt to write all of their own bids within prior training and experience, and assuming that a formal and standardised process for writing winning Tenders wasn’t in place.

Why should your company or organisation choose a Bid Writing Consultant?

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked with regards to Bid Writing is whether a particular company or organisation should choose to outsource their Bid Writing efforts or whether they should hire an inhouse team to write Bids for them. Now when I say inhouse team this does, of course, depend upon the size, scope and resources of the company or organisation in question. It does, too, also include the prequisite of setting up processes within a company or organisation to accommodate this new Bid Writing department. Maybe the business needs just one individual to write Bids at this time. This individual needs training a professional Bid Writing organisation which is capable of imparting the required knowledge and skills to that individual. The client company or organisation will need to think about developing a brand new process around this newly trained Bid Writer. The Tender Writing process, as with any other area of the company or organisation must be scalable so that when more and more Tender Documents need to be produced, more Bid Writers can be hired in or trained up inhouse. This is also the job of the Tender Writing Consultant – to ensure that a company or organisation is growing to accommodate a defined Tender Writing process.

If the company or orgasation cannot justify the outlay on creating inhouse processes, training, hiring extra staff then perhaps outsourcing the bids that need producing is the better better in that case.

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